Bent Tree

Healthier Pastors for Healthier Churches

Beyond slogans, methods, and culture wars, there is a foundational principle upon which the church depends: Healthier pastors mean healthier churches. Too often, pastors remain isolated and overwhelmed. Opportunities to engage with other pastors are often reduced to business-oriented meetings or tribal gatherings centered on causes and issues. Valuable as they may be, care of the soul, encouraging the heart, and equipping for ministry are not their lifeblood.

Bent Tree began in 2014 as a grassroots movement of pastors to address this need free from agendas and still closely connected with the visible church. Now as an affiliated work of Mission to North America, Bent Tree is continuing its role of encouraging healthier pastors for healthier churches by creating clear avenues for rest, wisdom, and fellowship.


We offer pastors renewal and encouragement through gatherings at retreat settings in Colorado and Tennessee. Opportunities for rest and renewal, these retreat settings allow ministers to see how God is at work in their lives and ministries.

You will get no better fellowship than the week that you spend here, and you’ll build friendships that will last for the rest of your life. – Paul Joiner, Zion Presbyterian


We offer Gospel Coaching, the focused discipleship of pastors by other pastors. Bent Tree coaches are equipped

to come alongside ministers to help ask the deeper questions so that ideas become a philosophy of ministry geared towards the minister’s unique calling and place.

“This group, through the collegiality of its participants allows us to learn things that you can’t learn out of a book, because I can learn it from how God has worked in someone else’s life.”  Jonathan Inman, Pastor Grace and Peace Church, Asheville NC.


We offer regional communities of like-minded ministers who are seeking to be encouraged and renewed in their vocations as pastors, husbands, fathers, brothers, children, and friends.

Bent Tree is a community of like-minded men in the ministry seeking to honor Jesus in their callings, who also recognize they have a need for community with other pastors who are in similar situations to support them and encourage them in what they’re doing. -Nathan Tircuit, South Baton Rouge Presbyterian Church


Bent Tree is connected and accountable to the visible church through Mission to North America, but its reach extends to pastors beyond the PCA.


David Wilson