Evangelism and Church Renewal


To Him be glory in the church . . .   Ephesians 3:21

Welcome to MNA Evangelism and Church Renewal. Our hope is that this web site will be a resourceful tool for you and your church.

MNA’s vision for the PCA and beyond is that we “work together to transform North America.” MNA Evangelism and Renewal seeks to help fulfill our greatest need today-more vital churches, alive with the holy, gracious presence of the Lord. Vital churches send out fruitful disciples who take the light of the Gospel into the dark corners of our fallen world. They are healthy churches where the preached Word ignites the people to worship and serve God, and where effective ministry results in the addition of new believers and multiplication through the planting of new churches.

The goal of MNA Evangelism and Church Renewal is two-fold: (1) to assist in the planting of biblically healthy churches and to keep them healthy by providing intensive, effective training and coaching for church planters; and (2) to offer direct services and referral to resources that address the needs of existing churches – those who want to ensure an ongoing vitality, as well as those who have plateaued or are in decline.

Most importantly, however, we believe that evangelism and church renewal are a work of the Spirit of God and, therefore, your prayer support is crucial for this ministry. Please visit our Prayer Guide to find out how you can support this ministry through prayer.

We Invite Your Participation
Please join with me in praying that many people will find hope in Jesus Christ and that lives will be changed through MNA Evangelism and Church Renewal. Pray that a growing number of churches will seek healthy, biblical growth. I ask you to prayerfully consider participating with us through your financial support. You can make a tax-deductible contribution to this ministry online. You can also mail contributions, made payable to Mission to North America, to:

Mission to North America
PO Box 890233
Charlotte NC 28289-0233
Designate: Evangelism and Church Renewal

For additional information, contact the MNA Office:

Office: 678-825-1200
Email: mna@pcanet.org