General Information for Potential Chaplain Applicants


Before an applicant can be considered for a government institution chaplaincy position, the minister must obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from his denomination. Obtaining an ecclesiastical endorsement involves the following steps.

The first step is to contact the Executive Director of the PRCC in order to obtain an application form. The application will provide the PRCC with several references who must be contacted. The Executive Director of the PRCC or his designee will interview the applicant. If each of these steps is successfully accomplished, the applicant will be instructed to obtain permission from his presbytery to enter into the particular type of chaplaincy ministry for which endorsement is being sought. Assuming all things are in order, the ecclesiastical endorsement will be written and sent to the proper personnel agency. The agency to which the applicant is applying will then begin the process of evaluating the application. The Executive and Associate Directors of the PRCC will assist the applicant in getting through the process. To obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from the PRCC a $100.00 application fee is required. For the complete explanation of the crucial role of the PRCC, link to the PRCC Endorsement Information.