2019 MNA Thanksgiving Offering

2019 Thanksgiving Offering


2019 Thanksgiving Offering BrochureI remember the day I saw my mother crying in our kitchen.  We were out of food.  I was just a boy and had no real sympathy for her.  Today I understand what a crushing load weighed on this single mom as she wondered how she was going to feed her kids.  Our family had recently come to Christ. We were saved but we still were hungry.

The local church showed up that day. Deacons came with bags of groceries.  As a kid I was just glad for good things to eat. As I grew in my faith, I came to understand that something wonderful had happened: my family had been the recipients of mercy.  It forever changed my view of how churches should love the poor and share the message of the cross in tangible ways.

Somewhere right now other single moms and dads are terrified that they cannot provide.  They walk by churches whose doors are closed, whose members never go out into the neighborhoods, who never demonstrate the love of Christ even if they preach it from their pulpit.  I am so glad to be part of a generous denomination that responds to human need.

We want to mobilize our congregations to show compassion and mercy to the poor in ways that are effective and life-changing.  To that end, we must raise up leaders in poor communities and send gospel driven ministers to such places.  Each year we ask that you give generously to the Thanksgiving Offering so that we can encourage, train, and motivate new leaders to help the poor, share Jesus, and grow the church in communities of need.  We do this through small grants that help churches – like the ones you will read about in this brochure – employ part-time or seasonal staff, supplement their benevolence funds, or strategically invest in someone who wants to make an impact for Jesus.  Please join in giving generously, so that these future leaders will be ready to serve and bring the good news of Jesus to people in need.

We ask you to help us help them.  Mission to North America depends on the generosity and kindness of God’s people as they give to the Thanksgiving Offering.  Please take a moment to read the brochure, then pray and ask the Lord to empower our church planters as they sow the seed of the Gospel among the poor, and as they do good works to show the love of Christ.

You can order free copies of the Thanksgiving Offering brochure to distribute at your church, Sunday school, or prayer group. We encourage pastors to preach a sermon that includes the mission of the Thanksgiving Offering, and then take up an offering as a congregation. Individual contributions are also welcome. Your gift will play a significant role in training those who will minister among the many ethnic groups in North America.

Thank you,

Randy Nabors
MNA Urban and Mercy Ministries Coordinator


Order Your Free Brochures Donate to the Thanksgiving Offering

Or send checks made out to Mission to North America and designated for Thanksgiving Offering to:

Mission to North America
PO Box 890233
Charlotte NC 28289-0233

If you have questions, please contact Karen Swartz at kswartz@pcanet.org or 678-825-1235.