Engaging Disability

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Who We Are and What We Do

Our purpose: Engaging Disability with the Gospel

Our vision: To see the body of Christ made more complete through evangelizing and authentically integrating people with differing abilities into the life and mission of the PCA.

Our mission: To engage people touched by disability with the gospel, for their salvation and spiritual growth and to equip churches to enfold them into all areas of congregational life and ministry.

Our focus: People touched by disability and approximately 1,900 PCA congregations 

We engage people with disabilities and their families with the gospel. Above all, our desire is for them to come to faith in Christ and grow in every aspect of their faith. We continually develop resources that help make the Bible and theology more accessible to them.

We also engage local congregations. Every congregation is unique, so we enter into one-on-one partnerships with them as they seek to enfold and disciple individuals and families touched by disability. We help them discover ways to reach and authentically integrate people touched by disability into already-existing ministries.

Gospel-centered disability ministry doesn’t require perfect answers or plans. To begin engaging a person with a disability, all that is required is taking one voluntary step after another to form genuine, mutual relationships. Those relationships become the context for discipleship and fellowship.

Enfolding people with disabilities into the life and mission of the church sometimes requires adaptations and accommodations. We help churches discover approaches to effectively enfold families in ways that meet their unique needs. We build confidence in each congregation in their ability to make needed adaptations.

Do you know someone touched by disability who is seeking to be enfolded into church body life?

 Do you know a congregation seeking to love and disciple people touched by disability well?

Please let us know at engagingdisability@pcanet.org or by contacting a staff member.