Child Safety Policy

MNA Assessment Child Protection Policy
Sample policy from Redemption Fellowship, Fayetteville GA

Child Safety Policy—Example I

Child Safety Policy—Example II (Severna Park EP Church)

Child Safety Policy—Example III

Child Safety Leader Code of Conduct—Example I

MinistrySafe – program designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in your organization.

Christian Discipleship Ministry (CDM) has compiled a list of helpful resources. Click here to access their page.

The Southwest Church Planting Network has established an extensive list of policies and standard forms (including ones on child safety) for churches to utilize through Stoar Consulting. Although there is a one-time cost, the fee provides unlimited access to an extensive library. Any of the documents may be used as originally worded or modified by the user as needed. For purchasing details, click here and select “Subscribe” from the top menu.

For all church planting resources, click here.