2015 PRCC Chaplain Training Event


It is critical that we are armed with facts, and not the re-written history propagated by our adversaries.  At the recent 2015 PRCC Chaplain Training Event,   Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster Seminary, Pennsylvania campus, provided some important information for Chaplains and Christians on the subject of Religious Freedoms in America, past and present.  We encourage you to listen to these three audio presentations.

Plenary Session 1 – Peter Lillback – George Washington’s Christian Faith: Why Does It Matter?


Plenary Session 2 – Peter Lillback – The First Six Freedoms of the American Citizen and Why They Matter for Military Chaplains


Plenary Session 3 – Peter Lillback – The Two Kingdom Debate: How it Impacts the Christian’s Role in the Public Square


Chaplains mark your calendars: The 2016 Chaplain Training Event is scheduled for June 18-24, 2016, in Mobile AL.