Church Planting Networks

Kingdom-building Partnerships

A church planting network in the PCA is an association of churches within a presbytery or an association of presbyteries for the specific purpose of planting and growing churches within their particular city or region. Target communities and the church planters themselves are still approved by the respective presbyteries.

A recent count shows that there are at least 25 functioning church planting networks in the PCA. The way they are structured, their geographical scope, and their vision reflect a great deal of variety and creativity. By re-defining the term “network” in each geographic location in a way that recognizes the specific needs, existing resources and circumstances of that area, these associations of kingdom building partnerships are reaching the lost in effective and innovative ways.

We encourage you to browse these documents to learn more about these representative examples. Also, we invite you to contact MNA to learn more about church planting networks in the PCA.

Our thanks to the church planting networks listed below for generously sharing these resources. If you have similar resources to share or questions about church planting networks, please contact XXXXX

Northwest Church Planting Network
Main website
Prayer Log

Metro Philadelphia Church Planting Network
Characteristics of a Supportive Environment
Partnership Structure
Vision, Core Beliefs and Values

Mission Utah
Northern California Presbytery Approval Letter
Actions Requested by the Northern California Presbytery
Mission Utah Bylaws
Definition of Roles
Ten-Year Strategic Plan

North Georgia New Church Network
Five Year Church Planting Plan
Funding Partnership Covenant
Job Description for NCN Director
MAP-MMA Church Planter Quarterly Report Form
NCN Planter Covenant
NGA NCN Vision Statement
Organizing a Church in MAP

Perimeter Ministries
Mid-Year Review
Staff Appraisal for Exempt Employees
Staff Appraisal for Non-exempt Employees

Southwest Church Planting Network 
Church Planter Candidate Application
Guidelines for Network Mother-Daughter Funding
Guidelines for Network Multi-Site Funding
Network Formation Essentials
Network Strategies
Project Funding Models
Standing Rules