Prayer Guide

For prayer requests for the other ministries of MNA please visit Intercessors.

We believe prayer is fundamental to any ministry and that Disaster Response needs a covering of prayer at all times. As we follow God’s direction in the growth, development and sustaining of this ministry, we covet your prayers for the particulars of that process. In the event of a disaster where our volunteers find themselves answering the call, we will provide the specific names, places and situations that we all need to bring before Him. Thank you for your willingness to partner with us in prayer for the important work of MNA Disaster Response.

Prayer requests for the establishing of the MNA Disaster Response Ministry

  • Pray that God will move in the hearts of those who are able to contribute to the financial needs of this new ministry.
  • Pray for the finding and purchasing of disaster-related tools and equipment for use in the ministry.
  • Pray for a positive and cooperative spirit on the part of state and local resources and agencies as this ministry establishes vital relationships with them.
  • Ask for God’s wisdom in the planning and organizing of the ministry. May He guide us in the methods and means for actually making the system work effectively and efficiently when the need arises.
  • Pray for the successful recruitment of volunteers for the nationwide network. Pray that word will spread and that God’s spirit will move in the lives of PCA members and churches throughout the US. May they respond to this opportunity with a servant’s heart.
  • Prayer for the teams as they respond and minister to victims of disaster.
  • Pray for God’s help and his sustaining presence for those recent victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, forest fires and other catastrophes. May He touch their lives with healing and hope. We ask that they might see His magnanimous love in the midst of all the pain and loss.

Praise God for the potential of this ministry. And thank you all for your prayers and support.