ESL School Starter Kit for Directors

1. Welcome Page PDF .DOC
2. Director’s Questions PDF .DOC
3. Director’s Job Description PDF .DOC
4. Team Formation PDF .DOC
5. Facility PDF .DOC
6. ESL Teachers PDF .DOC
7. Example of Letter to Volunteers PDF .DOC
8. Teacher Job Description PDF .DOC
9. Volunteer Application Form PDF .DOC
10. How to Find Students PDF .DOC
11. Brochure for Advertising PDF .DOC
12. Public Service Announcement PDF .DOC
13. Church and Employer Letters PDF .DOC
14. Necessary Decisions PDF .DOC
15. Resources and Storage PDF .DOC
16. Choosing Curriculum PDF .DOC
17. Publishers of ESL Materials PDF .DOC
18. ESL Bible Based Materials PDF .DOC
19. Student Registration PDF .DOC
20. First Night of Class PDF .DOC
21. Normal Class Night PDF .DOC
22. Snack Time PDF .DOC
23. Team Meetings PDF .DOC
24. Socials PDF .DOC
25. Budget PDF .DOC
26. Mercy PDF .DOC
27. Childcare PDF .DOC
28. How to Recruit and Keep Volunteers PDF DOC

Click here for links to fliers you can use to promote your ESL events.

For a more detailed discussion of budgeting for your school, click here.