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The Guardian is a compilation of ministry reports and prayer requests from our military and civilian chaplains. It is laid out in a daily format, perfect to include in your regular daily time with the Lord. Both the reports and the prayer requests are kept intentionally brief. This can be a great addition to family devotions, as children see what our chaplains are doing around the world. The Guardian also includes information about our military and civilian chaplain ministries, as well as resources for how you and your church can support our chaplains, their families, and those they serve. We would be thrilled to mail you a hard copy three times a year, at no charge to you. Simply send your request via email to:

For military security reasons, we cannot put The Guardian online, but we can send you an electronic copy each quarter also, if requested. Then you can cut and paste chaplain “missionary reports” for your church bulletins, newsletters, Missions Newsletters, and Missionary Bulletin Boards. Your prayers empower the ministries of these men. Thank you.