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Project Overview

The mission of House to House is to develop, strengthen and rebuild the homes of Washington Park – both the physical structures and the families who live in them – teaching, mentoring, discipling and sharing our lives with each family we serve.  This is happening in a context of other complementary ministries which have made similar long-term commitments to the spiritual, physical, economic, educational, health care and recreational needs of the community. Our major partner ministry is Common Ground Montgomery ( – a ministry that focuses on the children of Washington Park, providing after school activities and a summer camp, among many other things.

House to House (H2H) has several homes under construction continuously. Most homes are extensive renovations but some are new homes. While H2H always hires professional subcontractors to install electrical, plumbing and HVAC improvements, volunteer workers are invited to help with every other part of the construction process.  Volunteers are not required to have prior construction experience.  Staff and volunteer group leaders will be available to explain how to do the work scheduled for any given day. If a volunteer feels uncomfortable for any reason doing the work scheduled, he or she is provided with something else to do.

All tools, materials and safety equipment is provided for volunteer workers. Each project begins with a description of the work planned and what materials, tools and safety equipment are required.

Living Arrangements

We provide a guest house that sleeps up to 40 people and has 3 full bathrooms (within 2 blocks from our offices)


There is a fridge and microwave in the house and is suitable for breakfast and snacks, but all other meals will need to be prepared at the Common Ground ministry building.
You will need to provide your own food.  Also please provide water for the work site times.
While it is less expensive to prepare your own meals, local restaurants would appreciate the opportunity to help feed your group.  This investment in local businesses contributes to the transformation of the neighborhood.

Group Dynamics

Team Size: up to 40 members

Age:  Due to the nature of construction work, we require that younger children that come as part of a family mission trip be accompanied by a parent.

Leadership: Group leaders must be present with the group at all times. If there are both young men and young women on the team, both a male and female leader must accompany the group. A ratio of 5:1 or 6:1 youth to adults is desired along with appropriate skill levels for each team leader (Tasks and skills assessment will be provided upon confirmation of your team). Supervision of assigned tasks will be provided by H2H construction staff.


H2H does not have vehicles for the transportation of teams.


MNA ShortTerm Missions does not charge any fees for any short term mission site. Cost is determined by the local ministry leadership.

The cost of renovating a home can really be helped by groups that are able to contribute a monetary donation along with the service hours, therefore, a $40 per person/ day is suggested to  cover lodging and project expenses. H2H will work with each team regarding costs for each mission as each project is different.

This fees assists H2H with the cost of:

  • materials and tools during the week
  • safety equipment such as hard hats, dust masks, etc.
  • construction staff to lead the projects

This fee does NOT cover:

  • Transportation costs
  • Food costs
  • Any medical/emergency costs

Typical Schedule

Below is a week-long trip description.  If your team cannot come for a whole week, we can work out a schedule for the amount of days you are available to come.

As you begin to assemble your team we suggest recruiting one person who will also lead devotions. If you do not have your own material we can suggest a devotional booklet to purchase for your use. The devotional will include follow-up questions that leaders may use for the evening debriefing sessions. An orientation will be provided by a member of H2H.

The staff of H2H and Common Ground are willing and open to leading teaching and training/devotional times for your group as well.
Saturday Arrival

Plan on arriving Saturday after lunch

Check-in and orientation to housing facility by H2H staff



Worship with Trinity Presbyterian (a nearby PCA church who lovingly welcomes our groups) or local neighborhood church (Times of services will be given to you in our planning correspondence)


On your own- We suggest a self guided orientation to the Montgomery area followed by dinner (we can provide help planning this)

7:00pm Orientation to House to House and Common Ground at the Common Ground facility

Monday – Friday

Options for the day may include participation with Common Ground in their summer day camp. This varies from week to week which may include a split day of construction in the morning followed by CGM activities in the afternoon. Please let us know if you’d like to coordinate with CGM for this type of trip.

All Day Construction

6:30 – 7:30 AM Breakfast
7:45 Meet at Common Ground facility for check-out of tools
8:00 – Noon On Worksites (Include at least one 15min. break)
Noon-1:00 PM Lunch, team devotionals, rest
1:15-3:30 PM On worksites
3:30 – 4:00 PM Clean up worksite and bring tools back to facility
4:00-5:30PM Shower and prep for dinner
5:30-7:30 Dinner
8:00 – 9:30 PM Devotional, debriefing, team time, recreation
11:00 PM Lights out

Clean-up of housing site
Check out and depart for home by 11:00 a.m.

Need more information?

Curt Moore
MNA ShortTerm Missions Specialist
Cell: 404-386-4586


Sherry Lanier
MNA ShortTerm Missions Facilitator